Mens Merchant 1948 Boots Repaired

Mar 16, 2023

Get your soles sorted

Heel repair on Men's Merchant boots

Its a question we get asked everyday, "Can you fix the heels on my boots". Yes we can.

Here's a pair of boots from Overland that have lovely leather uppers. Guys love them and wear them so much that the heels get worn through real quick and then the heel block gets worn away as well. The heel block is light weight wood and doesn't stand rough footpaths very well.
Ideally bring this style of boot in early and we can get them looking as good as new and our Vibram blue heels will last at least twice as long as the heels that come with the boots.

Merchant Sole Repairs

Men's boots with Protection Soles and Heels
The uppers last for ages on these boots but the bottoms get trashed on our rough roads and poor pavements. As well as replacing the heels with very good Vibram rubber the existing soles have had superior rubber added over the top. This keeps the look and the feel the same. And at only 1.8mm thin adds very little weight. However this deceptively thin Vibram rubber will double the life of the soles.

Merchant Sole Repairs
  • What does it cost to get your heels and soles done?
  • How long does it take?
    2-3 days. Let us know if you need them sooner.
  • Does it stay stuck on?
    Yes, all our work is guaranteed and your new soles will stay on until you wear them through. Any issues please bring them both straight back to us.
Customer comment
Such excellent work. 10/10. Truly. Kind regards