Getting your favourite shoes repaired will make you happier

Mar 16, 2023
Getting your old favourite shoes back in good working order is a great feeling. This comfy red pair of ladies shoes were sent to us by Patsy in Whanganui. They were suffering from scuffs and black marks on the uppers near the little toes. Also the soles were wearing through under the ball of the foot and the toes and heels had suffered from some previous repairs.

The old soles were ground off and replace with grippy tan  pebble chip patterned rubber.
The marks on the uppers were removed as best as we could with thinners then re dyed. With a last coat over the entire shoe to blend it all in and finally a good polish once it was all dry.

Get your old shoes repaired
Patsy's Feedback
​Parcel arrived early in the morning.  I am so pleased with them - I wore them out visiting yesterday, straight away.
The colour is great.  Did you paint them all over in the end?
Very neat soles too.
Now my friends want your address, so one is looking for a clever cobbler to restore her favourite pair of shoes.  No doubt you will hear from her sometime soon.

Many thanks again for delivering a well-finished job,

Best wishes,