Shane Barr Shoe Repairs helps Gisborne​ people by giving their shoes and bags another lease of life.

Whether you need shoe repair, boot repair or bag repair in Gisborne. Shane Barr Shoe Repairs is happy to give you ideas and a free quote. What is best for you and your shoes and bags is best for us long term. If we think someone else nearer to you will do it quicker, cheaper or faster we will point you in their direction. For example if you have shoe recolouring needs we have several contacts depending on whether it's fabric or leather that is getting dyed. Happy to share, just ask.

"I am soooooo happy with your work on my boots, thank you for giving them at least another 20 years of life!! Really enjoyed the whole transaction, your service and craftsmanship."
Juliette - Gisborne

Trusted Shoe Repair Services in Gisborne​

Our highly organised mail order services from Gisborne​ are designed to help you get your shoes, boots and bags back in use as soon as possible.
Don’t leave them in the back of the car or bottom of the wardrobe any longer. Get a free quote and make an informed decision to repair or replace them.

Shoe Repair Service Gisborne​

Locate your nearest NZ Post shop or use your favourite courier to send them to us. We will contact you when they arrive.
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We repair shoes for people from Mahia to Gladstone road and all the places in between and beyond.
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