Shoe Stretching

Mar 16, 2023
Use Shoe Stretching Machines, they don't get blisters.

Tight shoes can make for a really long day. We have tools and machines to help relieve the pressure.

Good idea to wear your shoes around before bringing them in to get a clear understanding of which foot is worst and where abouts it hurts most. Also consider the areas that are just a little bit annoying. As once you have the main areas sorted these secondary areas will bug you.

When you drop them into us we will talk it through with you and either mark the problem areas with removable silver pen or use low tack masking tape. When we put your shoes on the stretcher we can add bumps in certain places to add extra stretch. For example on your big toe tip, bunion or at the heel.

Shane Barr Shoe Repairs Shoe Stretching


Shane Barr Shoe Repairs Shoe Stretching

Customer comments

10/10 - very happy, thanks!

My boots are so much easier to get on and off. The job you did was wonderful.